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If you want extra cushion, you can buy a decent mattress pad for about $50 or so. Even with that it’s still cheaper than buying a big mattress from a store but just as comfy. My son loved watching his bed expand once we opened the plastic wrap. The foam top is so comfortable and it’s a very quiet bed. It is so soft. It’s the perfect bed. This is my bed every night. I think many buy this as a guest bedroom mattress so they don’t ever sleep on it but ive been sleeping on mine for a few weeks now and so far so good. I bought my Casper for $800 with this $75 coupon code and mattress was in my door on the next day.

I did not smell any Oder like others said. I just let the mattress rise for a few hours. This is by far the best I’ve ever had! We love this so much that we are going to replace the kids mattresses with these. The only downside is that the very edges of the mattress seem to collapse into themselves when you lay on it. As long as you don’t lay on the very edge of the bed this shouldn’t be an issue. I let it expand the full height for the 4 days my son was not home. It fits perfectly on the platform bed-frame and the standard full sized sheets fit perfectly as well.

July mattress discounts

I am sure it will last a long time for my daughter. I’m going to order another one for my younger child too! I’m thrilled with this price and product. It doesn’t quite fill the frame but I’ve disguised that with throw pillows. Great price. I will update if needed as time goes by but right now I am a VERY satisfied customer. As mentioned by previous commenters, it’s a cinch to set up plus there’s no odor of off-gassing. Terrific mattress at a great price! Well-made and comfortable, it arrives compressed in plastic-wrap and boxed in an easy to handle box. It was easy to unpack regaining it’s full size quickly after the plastic wrap is removed. I decided on this one because of the quantity and quality of reviews and I too can’t say enough good things about this mattress.

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