Short notes from mattress customers

I feel the spring when I stand on it. The package, came in vacuum seal package, give it some distance before cutting it open, you could get hurt depending how you open it. The mattress unpack and retain it’s solid form in no time. I would classify this as medium. It’s good if you like to sleep on your stomach, as well as your back. All in all, I am buying 2 more for our sons and getting rid of their mattresses. Have had been sleeping on it for 2 weeks now, so far no compliant. Would say for the price, its a good deal.

  • I bought the twin-size for my daughter. When I lay down on it, I immediately considered buying a queen-size version for myself.
  • It is much more comfortable than our current mattress which is a much more expensive traditional mattress which came from a furniture store.
  • Take out of the box, cut the plastic, and it just whips open and starts to expand. I have had this for about three months now and it is still super comfy. It is just my dog and myself that sleep in the bed.
  • I weigh about 200 pounds and my dog 65 pounds. I try to rotate where I sleep because I can tell the springs are starting to wear down a bit already. First off there was no weird smell which many mattresses or decompressed objects have.
  • It expanded to its full size fairly quickly. I do like a firm mattress. This fits the bill. It is firm, but not hard (because of the memory foam layer).

So I was very surprised when this arrived and it was so comfy without the topper. Hubby and I joked we should get one in king size for us! Sute, we laughed, but I’m still considering it lol I will be ordering another in full size for my older daughter in a few months, and another twin for my younger daughter. I was very happy with this mattress. I looked at more than 6 stores for an inexpensive mattress and all wanted more than $180 for plain spring mattresses. I tested them out and was very dissatisfied. We gave Linespa a chance and it was totally different and much more comfortable. The best part is the great night sleep we’re getting from a comfortable mattress. If you are looking at this for a guest room, don’t hesitate, this is what you want. I can’t speak on longevity as we have had these less than a month.

While it looks fully expanded to me, I’m still going to wait 2-3 hours just to be sure. I thought the challenge with moving around and turning was my age. It’s so soft and looks like it’s made well. Best of all there is no chemical smell, which I have heard mentioned with these type of mattresses before (not nesecarily this brand).